Discover how your DNA influences your traits,
and how the DNA from you and your partner might
combine in the next generation of your family.

Understanding DNA

We are born with two copies of every gene because we inherit one copy from each of our parents. The two different versions of each gene interact to make each of us a unique combination of our parents’ genetic information. Some traits, like eye color, are impacted greatly by a relatively small number of genes. Other traits, like height, result from the complex combination of thousands of genes that each individually contribute a small amount. Most traits are also influenced by a person’s environment, lifestyle decisions, and other genetic factors that we don’t yet understand.

Our patent-pending approach to using machine learning and neural networks to create the most accurate polygenic risk scores is at the heart of our platform.

Striking a balance

Genetics, Environment and Chance

Take a look in the mirror. You are the result of an unknowable billions of chained interactions that occur in your body. You are the breathing representation of all factors that influence who you are, whether it’s your DNA, the choices you make, your ancestral roots, or the many areas we are only beginning to explore.

We interpret your DNA, but don’t be fooled by how much environment and chance can play a part – past, present, and future.

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Some of the traits we cover.


Ancestry Traits

  • Origins: a panel showing user ancestry across 5 super populations and 26 regional populations.


Physical Traits

  • Eye
  • Hair Color
    & Texture
  • Adult


Wellness Traits

  • Lactose

  • Caffeine
  • Sun


Personality Traits

  • Warrior vs.
  • Sweet vs.


Results that render for:

  • Individuals

  • Partner

  • Baby &

Today we cover more than:


We are adding new traits frequently as the research and need surfaces across both our Products.

Powerful Science

Powered by Helix, the most advanced CLIA-certified genomics lab in the country, HumanCode connects you to a lifetime of personal exploration and enhancement. Our apps are available at the Helix marketplace, where you can explore many ways to access specific genetic information.


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