HumanCode builds apps that empower people
through Next-Gen Exome+ Genome Sequencing.

Discover and celebrate the genetic possibilities of you and your family. Dig deeper into what makes you who you are, how you compare to your partner, and what you might pass on to the generations to come.
From $49.99
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  • 2 DNA Collection Kits"
  • 20+ traits about you, your partner and offspring"
DNAPassport is the ideal starting point of your genetic journey. Reveal your ancestry and beyond with insights into your personality, behaviors and preferences, and physical appearance.
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  • 1 DNA Collection Kit"
  • 40+ traits about you with regular updates and social"

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We are a Denver-based application development group who is building a team that will change the way people use and interact with their DNA. Translating science into a daily experience, our goal is to unlock the world of genomics through easy-to-use apps.

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