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Next-Gen Personal Genomics

Interested in delivering a genomic product to your customers – or incorporating genomics into an existing digital product?

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We’re diligent students of the art and science of translating genetic information into experiences for everyday.

Our patent-pending Personal Genomics Platform is optimized to process all formats of raw genomic data, and deliver consumer facing insights. Our platform supports 5 unique models for trait prediction and risk scoring:

– Insight: single allele-based predictions
– Continuous: complex polygenic risk scores and dosages
– Categorical: polygenic scores into defined outcome categories (e.g. Eye Color)
– Machine Learning (ML) / Neural Net: custom models trained on public or proprietary data to deliver the most accurate prediction
– Ancestry: ML based predictions using population genomic datasets
– Offspring: our platform calculates probabilities of passing on any genotype and associated traits to children

Our services include:

– Platform licensing: set up your unique trait predictions, add your own custom content at each layer, and deliver results into your apps. Launch in weeks, not months.

– Consulting: our team of designers, engineers, computational biologists, statistical geneticists and machine learning experts stand ready to advise on any project.

We partner with Helix to deliver high quality next-gen-sequencing (NGS) derived experiences. Our team of scientists, engineers, and designers coupled with a leading advisory board helps you achieve your business objectives. We take projects from concept to launch, and beyond.

Use Cases

Biobank and GWAS Catalog

  • Research candidate traits
  • Evaluate scientific literature
  • Determine SNP requirements
  • Develop risk scores
  • Evaluate reference populations

Personal Genomics Platform

  • Implement risk scores
  • Simple allele-based insights
  • Polygenic continuous score
  • Polygenic categorical score
  • Ancestry
  • Test & validate risk scores
  • Develop trait content
  • Manage user/kit status
  • Deliver trait results & content


  • Buy kit
  • Process saliva sample
  • Deliver sample processing status
  • Deliver Exome+ results

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We are a Denver-based application development group who is building a team that will change the way people use and interact with their DNA. Translating science into a daily experience, our goal is to unlock the world of genomics through easy-to-use apps.

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