Go way beyond eye color prediction and ultrasound photos for personalized insights based on the combined DNA of couples.
Uncover unique traits your child is likely to inherit. Together, explore and compare what you might pass on to the next generation.
DNA Powered App

BABYGlimpse is the first DNA-powered app for couples to discover and explore the genetic-related traits their children may inherit.

Revealing the brighter side of personal genomics, BABYGlimpse is a fun and informational experience, not a medical test. We call it “sunshine science”, a journey into the unique characteristic and quirks that couples can compare and share, and see what they might pass along to the next generation.

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What you will find.


How it works

Using at-home collection kits from Helix, both parents provide a saliva sample which is processed in Helix’s CLIA- and CAP-accredited next-generation sequencing lab. Helix securely stores the data and provides HumanCode access to the portion of the genome that pertains to the information delivered in BABYGlimpse. The app then utilizes a proprietary computational method to combine the couple’s DNA results and make predictions on the possible traits of their future child.

  • Order

    Complete your Helix DNA saliva test kit in
    less than ten minutes.

  • Register and Send

    Register your kit online and mail your sample.
    Within a few weeks, Helix will assemble, store,
    and protect your genetic data.

  • Reveal Your Insights

    Once your DNA sequencing is complete, we’ll
    let you know. Through HumanCode, you’ll be
    able to see your BABYGlimpse results.

DNA Powered App

Exploring Traits

Go beyond our genetic predictions for eye color, hair color and other physical appearance traits to dig deeper into what makes us who we are – how we compare to our partner – and what we might pass on to the next generation.

Our physical traits overview gives a preview into how your offspring might look, while digging deeper into fun and unexpected insights such as grip strength, sunlight sensitivity, and sleep behaviors. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the genetic influences on your own physical appearances, and what might be passed along to your offspring.

DNA of You + Me

DNA of You + Me

BABYGlimpse creates “intimacy through information” – learn about your partner’s genetic characteristics, see where you match up and where you’re different. It’s said that “opposites attract” – but humans share 99.9% of the exact same DNA. Our Comparison view highlights where you and your partner are the same and where you’re different, across our mix of 20+ traits. By exploring side-by-side, you’ll discuss and compare all the areas you are unique and different – teasing is permitted and encouraged!

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This app is awesome!!! It has so much info that it’s cool even without the baby making part of it.
Alpha Tester San Francisco, CA
Give the Gift of Imagination Realized

Give the Gift of Imagination Realized

Modern couples are overloaded with information and technology: social networking, communications, devices & tablets, networks & passwords. But what about the data that makes them who they are? BABYGlimpse helps couples know themselves, and each other, on a level deeper than any embarrassing baby pictures ever could. Giving BABYGlimpse as a gift brings them closer together, building “bonds based in biology”. Moreover, it’s the gift that can serve as a not-too-subtle-hint that you’d love to see what wonderful creatures they could create together!

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