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Every life has a code.

We believe that each of us is amazing, unique, and… perfect. We design products that help people access and truly enjoy their genetic blueprint. HumanCode is about discovery, not destiny. We love sharing the brighter side of science and making a positive difference for as many lives as possible. Our goal? To help you get to know your extraordinary self, better. Join us as we connect you with insights about your unique genetic code.

  • Appearance
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Ancestry
  • Athletics
  • More
  • Intellect

Deep research, powerful science.

Powered by Helix, the most advanced CLIA-certified genomics lab in the country, HumanCode connects you to a lifetime of personal exploration and enhancement. Our apps are available at the Helix marketplace, where you can explore many ways to access specific genetic information.


We work with partners to bring their concepts for genomics to life. New discoveries about the human genome are made every day. As the science evolves, our understanding of genetic expression deepens and our ability to offer insights expands.

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Advisor Introduction
Direct-to-consumer genetics enables the promise of precision health to reach the general population. Working with HumanCode, I hope to translate what we are learning from research into actionable information for customers that can inform their personal paths to maintaining and promoting health.
Carlos D. Bustamante, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Data Science of Genetics
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